Meet Robert

As an attorney, I have always believed that “Justice” is not something that has a price tag. It is something that we all are entitled to, not because of our bank account, but rather because of the US Constitution. Unfortunately, some prosecutors miss this.


As a Clark County Assistant District Attorney and a private attorney my actions have always been guided by these principals. I was awarded the Pima County (Tucson) Pro Bono Attorney of the Year for successfully working to obtain political asylum for an undocumented person who had fled Honduras. As an Assistant District Attorney in Clark County I was assigned to the Special Victims Unit and I prosecuted crimes against women and children.


My private practice has focused primarily on Criminal Defense and Civil Rights work. I have tried dozens of murder trials and have worked with the ACLU of Nevada on issues of Racial Profiling and Freedom of Speech. I was commended by the Nevada Supreme Court for my work on the “Indigent Defense Commission” which sought to set standards for criminal defense of all indigent clients served by institutional defenders.


I firmly believe that it is time that we elect a District Attorney who will stand up for the working men and women of Clark County and not just the wealthy and connected. It’s time we demanded more of a District Attorney and I am ready, willing and able to accept that challenge.


I would appreciate your vote on June 12, 2018.